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Clevedon Black Venetian Frameless Bathroom Household Wall Mirror 100×70 CM


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For sale in the UK with FREE delivery, the Clevedon mirror, for the modern home, let the sleek and contrasting charm of this mirror find its place with your own unique style.

27 in stock

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For the modern home, let the sleek and contrasting charm of this mirror find its place with your own unique style.


When we look at the Venetian era of mirrors, we see that the common styling of mirrors produced around this time all contained one key feature, they were what many call ‘frameless’.

Although they did indeed often have frames, the frame section itself would be made from mirror glass, essentially making the mirror frameless due to the entire front face of the finished article being comprised of mirror glass.

This mirror in particular marries the traditional aspect of the frameless Venetian style, with a more modern, contemporary, simplistic, sleek-and-clean style.


This mirror is known as The Clevedon, named after the beautiful Victorian seaside town of North Somerset.

When thinking of this mirror it is easy to envision it being used as an easy-to-clean minimalist bathroom mirror, hanging steadfast above the sink, with the nearby window open, overlooking the blue waters of the Bristol Channel on a warm summers day.

This mirror however, can move beyond the confines of the washroom.

It can easily find its place within any space throughout the home that is in need of sleek modern styling, an increased sense of space, a wisp of modernised Venetian elegance, and a boost of naturally reflected window light.

Its modern take on the Venetian style, beaming with contrast thanks to its distinctive black and transparent mirror glass combination – which neatly folds around the mirror’s edge in an interlocking pattern – makes it the ideal mirror for the clean-and-kept household looking to finish off their modern and minimalist bathing room décor, or any other space within the home that is deemed appropriate.

This mirror is special in the sense that its overlapping geometric frame design can match with other similarly shaped black and transparent home décor accessories.

The age old saying of ‘black goes with everything’, indeed rings true in the case of this modern mirror marvel.

The free standing / cheval variety of this mirror can work well stood in a quiet corner of a lightly coloured bedroom space, dutifully serving its purpose as a dedicated full length cheval mirror, with its black coloured glass elements finding contrast against, for example, off-white or cream walls.

By contrast, the larger varieties of this mirror can find home in the living room, hallway or landing, hung landscape or portrait, and surrounded by a confident dusky blue or a composed mineral grey.

Whichever colour combination you choose, this mirror thanks to its black coloured elements can work in great compliment as a point of contrast within almost any colour scheme.


The main mirror glass itself comes with a small convex bevelled edge, which acts to strengthen the glass whilst providing a subtle visual gradient effect as the sheet glass tapers off to the inner edges of the frame.

The black and transparent glass frame elements themselves also come with a smaller edge bevelling, creating a consistent bevel style across the entire front.

The black elements of the mirrors frame are made of fully pigmented glass which gives them the deep black colour. They aren’t just coloured using black vinyl underlay beneath mirror glass.

All of the mirror glass is mounted on a plywood board, chosen for its strength.

This board is then covered with a subtle, thin, black, soft-to-the-touch felt material so as to not distract from the mirror itself, and to protect the mirror and its surroundings.


2 x Mirror Fitting Straps are included pre-fastened to the back of the majority of our mirror range, both horizontally & vertically where appropriate. With the exception to:

  • Garden Mirrors;
  • Dressing Table Mirrors;
  • Cheval / Free Standing Mirrors.

2 x Mirror Fitting Hooks however are required to safely and securely hang the mirror for best peace of mind. Want to secure your mirror to the wall with optimum strength and security? Get your Heavy Duty Mirror Fitting Hook & Strap Kit here as well:


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