Puriton Clear Venetian Frameless Full Length Dress Floor Leaner Wall Mirror 174×84 CM


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For sale in the UK with FREE delivery, the Puriton mirror, for the pure at heart, reeking of radiant simplistic elegance. Let the Puriton Mirror breathe open calm into your space.

10 in stock

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The Puriton, for the pure at heart, reeking of radiant simplistic elegance. Let the Puriton Mirror breathe open calm into your space.


This mirror is an incredible case of Venetian mirror styling, because of its constant mirror front, it is that what some call ‘frameless’.

The Venetian period of mirrors was essentially in light of this thought of creating mirrors, where the mirror glass would stretch out the entire distance to the edge of the whole mirror front. This style lives right up to today as a result of its magnificence.

This makes an extremely ‘unadulterated’ sense about the mirror, a spotless and refined thought that has been embodied into this theme of mirrors as it keeps on being appreciated even now.


What this mirror doesn’t have in frame, it compensates for in sheer tastefulness because of the sheer fact that it doesn’t have a frame.

In place of the frame, is a wonderfully refined, straightforward mirror glass front that encompasses the entire mirror.

This is a mirror for the idealist, searching for an unobtrusive style.

On account of its effortlessness in being an item of pure beauty, it can function admirably inside most moderately styled spaces.

For instance you would likely not have any desire to put this mirror inside a room loaded with showy ornate objects.

It would however do well inside most present day living spaces, free from mess or clutter, allowing it to deliver a sentiment of tranquillity to the psyche.

As it were, this mirror has a one-section ‘frame’, being made of mirror glass and enveloping the edge of the primary mirror glass board. A simplistic touch that works its refined enchantment to the beholden.

This mirror can sit perfectly in the bathroom space, on account of the front being made totally of mirror glass making it effectively wipable and cleanable.

This mirror comes in a variety of sizes, the smallest being ideal as the ‘above-the-sink’ mirror. Right up to the large wall mirrors, as well as the full-length floor leaner size.

This mirror style is also available as a cheval or free standing mirror.


The Puriton comes with small bevels to each mirror glass section of its front. This strengthens the mirror glass, and also ‘takes the edge off’ making it more aesthetically pleasing.

This mirror has no specific colour, other than the naturally silver sheen of mirror glass and as such is defined as ‘frameless’.

The mirror glass is mounted onto a high-resin plywood board, which then has soft black felt carefully applied to it to conceal and protect the board and mirror itself.

Regards to the cheval or free standing variations of this mirror, the legs that create the free-standing properties are made of wood, which are then coated in a black laminated veneer.

To make the cheval mirror completely self standing, a chain is also screwed on between the mirror’s reverse board itself and the top cross-support leg.


2 x Mirror Fitting Straps are included pre-fastened to the back of the majority of our mirror range, both horizontally & vertically where appropriate. With the exception to:

  • Garden Mirrors;
  • Dressing Table Mirrors;
  • Cheval / Free Standing Mirrors.

2 x Mirror Fitting Hooks however are required to safely and securely hang the mirror for best peace of mind. Want to secure your mirror to the wall with optimum strength and security? Get your Heavy Duty Mirror Fitting Hook & Strap Kit here as well:


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