Ruishton Clear Venetian Frameless Sunburst Wall Mirror 80×80 CM


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For sale in the UK with FREE delivery, the Fitzpaine mirror, a strikingly awesome French Baroque inspired frameless venetian style wall mirror. Beautiful and exploding with sheer style with a modern hint of sophistication.

67 in stock

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The Ruishton, a strikingly beautiful sunburst round wall mirror for around the house or in the bathroom. Exploding with passion and simplistic elegance.


Objects have always been made throughout history that were designed from inspiration from the sun and other forms of light giving objects such as candles and fires from a far.

With the example of the Ruishton, the mirror’s frame is made of mirror glass and coloured glass only, making the mirror frameless.

The frameless style dates back to the Venetian period of mirrors, which has been widely adopted today thanks to its ‘clear’ beauty and refined charm.


Ideal as a medium sized, 46 sided bathroom wall mirror. Thanks to its easy to clean and pure frame free design.

It can also be placed throughout the home in suitably sized spaces with other complimentary elements.

Create a feeling of consistency by receiving 3 of these mirrors and place them in subtle yet striking formation along a wall side.


The primary mirror glass itself accompanies a little raised bevelled edge, which acts to reinforce the glass while giving an unobtrusive sloping visual effect.

The dark glass frame components themselves additionally accompany a smaller edge bevel, making a consistent slope style over the whole front.

The dark components of the mirrors outline are made of lightly pigmented glass which gives them the profound full bodied colouration.

The majority of the mirror glass is mounted on a plywood wooden board, chosen for its quality.

This board is then secured with an unobtrusive, thin, black, delicate to-the-touch felt material in order to not distract from the mirror itself, and to ensure the mirror doesn’t damage its surroundings.


2 x Mirror Fitting Straps are included pre-fastened to the back of the majority of our mirror range, both horizontally & vertically where appropriate. With the exception to:

  • Garden Mirrors;
  • Dressing Table Mirrors;
  • Cheval / Free Standing Mirrors.

2 x Mirror Fitting Hooks however are required to safely and securely hang the mirror for best peace of mind. Want to secure your mirror to the wall with optimum strength and security? Get your Heavy Duty Mirror Fitting Hook & Strap Kit here as well:


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